Former Miss America Kelli Mccarty turns to porn

kelli mccarty

From Mainstream TV to Porn

Kelli McCarty is one of those celebrities that kind of went about things ass backwards. She started out her career as a Miss USA contestant and winner in 1991. She continued to compete in Miss Universe and was actually a finalist. From there she moved on to television and played a role in the television soap drama Passions until her character was killed off in a train explosion. After that she did some smaller roles on shows like Even Stevens, Dream On, Melrose Place, and That’s So Raven. So the girl wasn’t without acting credits.

Suddenly she decided that mainstream just wasn’t her thing and she shifted to…porn! After a meeting with Vivid Entertainment, she signed a contracted and made her first hardcore porn movie, Faithless. That was followed up by more hardcore material. Seems odd doesn’t it? But you have to admit that she does have the body and the attitude for porn. She admits that she loves sex and being able to combine her passion for the nasty and her love of acting is perfect for her apparently. It’s not the traditional route that most actresses take but it seems to work well for her. But who are we to complain? If she loves to play the dirty whore on film that purely for our benefit I’m sure!

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Jenna Lewis Sextape


From Reality TV to TV Movies

In 2004, Jenna Lewis first appeared on television. She was in the Survivor: Vanuatu – Island of Fire season. In 2004, this was the 9th season and the show already had a lot of fans but I believe that having Jenna Lewis in that season brought in even more – especially male fans. They loved this sexy chick with the smoking hot body that could compete with the best of them. She really knew how to get the fans going and the other reality players on the island too – the guys were putty in her hands! But when that season of Survivor was over, Jenna Lewis was not content with her little 15 minutes of fame. She wanted more and she went out and got it for herself! She wasn’t ready to disappear!

In the next year she certainly got her share of the limelight. She got a lot of attention when her sex tape came out (some say it was leaked but I say it was just damn good timing by her agent!) and soon it was all over the Internet. It wasn’t one of those sex tapes where you couldn’t really see anything – Jenna Lewis showed it all. From great blow jobs to some explicit penetration, Jenna wasn’t afraid to show her sexual side. She appeared in a few small spots in TV shows, that year, too. And then she showed what she was really capable of when she took on the role of Kristen in a TV movie called Scorned. This paranormal thriller was about a girlfriend scorned by her man, who dies and then comes back to have her vengeance on the young twenty something couples that stay in the house later. And YES! She does get naked!

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Kardashian Sister Is Famous for One Thing


You know, it is funny how these Kardashian sisters think that their fame is all that because really, the only thing they are famous for is for being slutty. All of the girls have had their moments in the lime light but there’s one thing that stands out for Kim Kardashian and that is her sex tape. No matter who she marries, what she wears (or doesn’t wear), or how many babies she has, there is one thing that men will always think of when they think of her – and that’s her writhing and groaning as she gets fucked by Ray-J.

Kim Kardashian has been trying to change her image as of late. As she well should, since she’s a mom now. I’m afraid that the damage has been done though. When you become famous for being a skank that is all that people will ever think of you as. I wonder if the money she has made since then has been worth it? Would she do it again? I guess it doesn’t really matter because what is done is done and horny dudes all over will have the chance to watch her fucking her ass off on camera and revealing everything.

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Jes Macallan nude

Jes Macallan naked

Hot Babe is a Total Femme

There’s something about a girl that is totally in touch with her femininity that just drives guys wild. You know what I mean. The kind of girl that loves her boobs and isn’t afraid of showing off a little cleavage. The kind of girl that is proud of her full, round ass. The kind of girl that isn’t afraid to get naked for her career. Like Jes Macallan. This girl has got it going on and when she played a hot babe in the TV series Femme Fatales, the whole world saw that. She was perfect for the role and she had no qualms about showing off her beautiful body in an incredibly hot sex scene.

Jes Macallan is the kind of girls that stop guys dead in their tracks when they see her on the street. From the long blonde hair and long legs to the breast that stand up and demand attention, this girl has got it all and she’s never shy about showing that off. She likes her nude roles and she’s proud to show her body off in real life, too. How could any guy not want to see her naked? I know you do, right?

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Sexy Canadian Neve Campbell fucks!

neve campbell

There is nothing like celeb nude scenes on the go when you are bored and need to kill some time. You can watch hot celebs like Neve Campbell from your cell phone whenever you are bored and need to kill 15 minutes or so. You’ll never hate getting stuck in a traffic jam again. You’ll look forward to sitting in the car while your girlfriend runs into a store real quick. You’ll have mobile porn available whenever you need it.

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